Seminar Series

Seminar Information

  • Work-In-Progress Seminar

  • Thursday, January 17

  • 5:00 PM

  • Holden Auditorium


  • Jared Goodman

  • ​Jared Goodman - 4th Ph.D. level in the Molecular Genetics & Genomics program; working in the lab of Dr. Azad Bonni

  • “Chromatin remodeling of enhancers in the mouse brain.”

  • Ronald Fowle Grider

  • ​Ronnie Fowle Grider -  5th Ph.D. level in the Biochemistry, Biphysics & Structural Biology program; working in the lab of Dr. Gary Patti

  • "Exploring cancer's sweet tooth: glucose and fructose are metabolically distinct in proliferative cells"


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