Meet the Assistant Professors


MAP Speakers 2018

​​January 22
Dr. Hongzhen Hu
Department of Anesthesiology
"TRP Channels:  Molecular Sensors at the
Interface between Host and Environment"
Dr. Celia Santi
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
"Ion channels and reproductive outcomes "
February 19
Dr. Shankar Mukherji
Department of Physics
"The Statistical Physics of Organelle Biogenesis"  
Dr. Chad Sylvester
Department of Psychiatry
 "Brain Networks in Pediatric Anxiety Disorders"
​​March 12
Dr. Jeff Haspel
Department of Internal Medicine
"If you give a lung a clock…"
Dr. Jessica Wagenseil
Department of Mechanical Engineering
& Materials Science
"Elastin and Fibulin-5 in Arterial Mechanics"
April 16
Dr. Kareem Azab
Department of Radiation Oncology
"Multidisciplinary Translational Approaches for the Treatment of Myeloma: From Cancer Biology, through Drug Delivery to Tissue Engineering for Personalized Medicine"
Dr. Aimee James
Department of Public Health Sciences
"Reduce Health Disparities "
​​May 7
Dr. Erica Scheller
Department of Internal Medicine
“The Scheller & Craft lab, an introduction”

Dr. Joel Schilling
Department of Internal Medicine
“The Intersection of Metabolism and
inflammation in Diabetes”

June 18
Dr. Mark Rutherford
Department of Otolaryngology
"Introduction to Sound Encoding - Rutherford Lab - Mechanisms
of Auditory Nerve Fiber Diversity and Excitotoxicity"
​​​ July 16
Dr. Haina Shin
Department of Internal Medicine
“Host responses against sexually transmitted viruses”

Dr. Christopher Smyser
Department of Neurology
“Predicting Outcomes in Preterm Infants Using
Cerebral Connectivity”

August 27
Dr. Timothy Peterson
Department of Internal Medicine
"Genomics and metabolomics in aging and mental health"
Dr. Nathan Stitziel
Department of Internal Medicine
“Exploiting (mis)fortunes of the human genome”
September 17
Dr. Monica Shokeen
Department of Radiology
“Understanding Multiple Myeloma by Imaging”
Dr. Simon Tang
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
“Clinical and translational investigations of low back pain and intervertebral disc pathology”
October 15
Dr. Ben Palanca
Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Nima Mosammaparast
Department of Pathology & Immunology
November 19​ ​
Dr. Yao Chen
Department of Neurosciences
"Understanding Neuromodulation and Sleep Through Dynamics of Molecular Signals"
Dr. Simon Haroutounian
Department of Anesthesiology
"Personalized approaches for the prevention and treatment of chronic pain"