Meet the Assistant Professors

Monthly lunchtime research seminars designed to familiarize first-and second-year students with the research programs of junior faculty members

MAP Speakers 2018

​​January 22
Dr. Hongzhen Hu
Department of Anesthesiology
"TRP Channels:  Molecular Sensors at the
Interface between Host and Environment"

Dr. Celia Santi
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
"Ion channels and reproductive outcomes "
February 19
Dr. Shankar Mukherji
Department of Physics
"The Statistical Physics of Organelle Biogenesis" 

Dr. Chad Sylvester
Department of Psychiatry
 "Brain Networks in Pediatric Anxiety Disorders"
​​March 12
​​​Dr. Jeff Haspel
Department of Internal Medicine
​Dr. Jessica Wagenseil
Department of Mechanical Engineering
& Materials Science
April 9​
​​Dr. Kareem Azab
Department of Radiation Oncology