Meet the Assistant Professors

Monthly lunchtime research seminars designed to familiarize first-and second-year students with the research programs of junior faculty members.

MAP Speakers 2017

January 23
​Dr. John Constantino
Department of Psychiatry (Child)
"Social Developmental Studies Laboratory"
Dr. Brian Edelson
Department of Pathology and Immunology​
"Role of the Transcription Factor Bhlhe40
​in Immune Responses"
February 20​
Dr. Heather Lawson
Department of Genetics
"The Lawson Lab:  Connecting
Genotype to Phenotype"

Dr. Jason Yi
Department of Neuroscience​
​"Linking mutation to mechanism in
Autism Spectrum Disorder"

​​​March 20 ​
Dr. Samantha Morris
Department of Developmental Biology​
​"A single-cell resolution blueprint for fate engineering"
​​April 17 ​
​Dr. George Kyei
Department of Internal Medicine
"HIV Pathogenesis and Cure Lab"
​Dr. Kian-Huat Lim
Department of Internal Medicine
​"Targeting The Innate Immune and KRas Signaling Pathways In Pancreatic and Colon Cancers"
​​May 1 ​
​Dr. Katherine Fuh
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
"Targeting the Innate Immune and KRas Signaling
Pathways in Pancreatic and Colon Cancers"
Dr. David Piston
Department of Cell Biology and Physiology​
"Quantitative Imaging of the Molecular Mechanisms
Underlying Pancreatic Hormone Secretion"
​​​June 19 ​
​Dr. Megan Baldridge
Department of Internal Medicine
"Microbial Pathogens, the Commensal Microbiome,
and the Immune System: Studying Transkingdom
Interactions in Mouse Models"

Dr. Donald Conrad

Department of Genetics​
​"Conrad Lab Introduction"
​July 17 ​
​Dr. Bettina Drake
Department of Surgery
"Prostate Cancer Research Program:

​Dr. Matthew Lew
Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering
"Computational Optics for Imaging Nanoscale
​Single-Molecule Dynamics"
​ ​August 28
​​ ​Dr. Gaya Amarasinghe
Department of Pathology and Immunology
“Control of Type I IFN Signaling in Negative Sense RNA Viruses”
Dr. Vivek Arora
Department of Internal Medicine
“Molecular Determinants of Bladder Cancer Genesis and Progression”
September 18​ ​
Dr. Maria Remedi
Department of Internal Medicine
"Diabetes and brain pathologies: from mice to human...and back"
Dr. Brian DeBosch
​Department of Pediatrics
"Adaptive Hepatic Glucose Fasting Responses in Cardiometabolic Therapy"
October 16​​ ​
​Dr. Jennifer Alexander-Brett
Department of Internal Medicine
“Epithelial stem cells and cytokines in airway disease”
Dr. Clifford Luke
Department of Pediatrics
“Stressing the gut epithelium: Cellular homeostasis and death of the intestinal epithelial cells of worms mice and men”
November 20​​ ​
Dr. Shabaana Khader
Department of Molecular Biology
“Understanding Host Immunity to Tuberculosis”
Dr. Josh Morgan
Department of Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
"Imaging synaptic connections in the mouse visual system​"