MSTP 2019 Retreat--Student Presentations


Lindsey Steinberg
Virulence-associated evasion of the innate immune protein siderocalin
Christopher Chermside-Scabbo
In Vivo Mechanical Loading Induces Less Transcriptional Activation in Old Versus Young Mice
Samantha Hsieh
Diet modulates T cell immune responses by regulating the expression of a dominant antigen from a gut symbiont
Matthew Matlock
Modeling drug toxicity in adults and children
Emilie Russler-Germain
T Cell Adaptive Immunity in Chronic Cryptosporidiosis
Gregory Fox 
Bone microenvironment induction of tumoral integrin β3 expression promotes resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer bone metastases
Chuner Guo 
CellTag Indexing: genetic barcode-based sample multiplexing tool for single-cell genomics
Jared Goodman
Chromatin remodeling in the mouse brain
Po Wei Kang                  
Structure and Physiological Function of the KCNQ1 Channel Voltage-Sensor Intermediate State

Olga Neyman
The Development of White Matter Tracts in Wolfram Syndrome
Chinwendu Amazu
Progesterone Affects the NALCN and Slo2.1 Complex, Which Regulates Myometrial Excitability
Umber Dube      
Circular RNAs are significantly associated with both symptomatic and pre-symptomatic Alzheimer Disease
Hannah Miller
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells suppress Th2-driven contact hypersensitivity​