Peter Lambert

  • College Station, TX

  • Rice U. (2016)

  • Neurosciences

  • Steven J. Mennerick, Ph.D.

  • Modulation of GABAA receptor physiology with neuroactive steroid compounds



Working in Dr. Steven Mennerick’s lab in the department of psychiatry, I study the GABA neurotransmitter system and its role in the mechanisms of rapid acting antidepressants. We combine both in vitro and in vivo electrophysiological methods to study neurosteroids and their modulation of GABA receptors. We hope to further characterize the ways that neurosteroids regulate and modify circuit and network activity in the brain to better understand how they may produce antidepressant responses. We hope that this will lead to the further development of neuroactive steroid treatments for psychiatric illness.


Graduate Publications:

Ziolkowski L, Mordukhovich I, Chen DM, Chisari M, Shu HJ, Lambert PM, Qian M, Zorumski CF, Covey DF, Mennerick S. 2021 A neuroactive steroid with a therapeutically interesting constellation of actions at GABA A and NMDA receptors. Neuropharmacology, 183():108358.

Sun MY, Ziolkowski L, Lambert P, Shu HJ, Keiser M, Rensing N, Warikoo N, Martinek M, Platnick C, Benz A, Bracamontes J, Akk G, Steinbach JH, Zorumski CF, Wong M, Mennerick S. 2019 Mild chronic perturbation of inhibition severely alters hippocampal function. Sci Rep, 9(1):16431.

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