Peppar Cyr

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Princeton U. (2015)

  • Neurosciences

  • Christopher D. Smyser, M.D.

  • Individual Motor Outcome Prediction in Preterm Children Using Neonatal Neuroimaging



I study how we can use brain imaging in infants born very preterm (at least 10 weeks early), with and without brain injury, to predict their motor outcomes into middle childhood. These children are at high risk for motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and developmental coordination disorder, but we cannot yet predict which specific children will have these problems. Developing methods to acquire this information will be key to targeting and improving therapies for these children, allowing us to use the brain’s early plasticity to help them achieve their best possible outcomes, and to helping these families integrate into the disability community earlier. In order to study brain development in this population, my lab uses multiple modalities of MRI in very preterm infants around their due dates and has been following our cohort for over 10 years with detailed developmental assessments. My project plans to use the data about their brain activity and how the wiring between brain areas is developing from these scans to build models to predict individual children’s outcomes. So far, I have almost completed a project examining the relationship between infant brain activity and motor outcomes at two years of age, and am now planning another to see if infant brain activity can help us understand which children who appear to be developing typically at two will be having problems at five, a common pattern in this population.


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