Adnan Elhammali’s perspective

I decided to join the Washington University MSTP to develop into a qualified academic physician capable of translating important research findings into clinical practice.  I realized  that I cannot separate my love for research from my drive to treat the ill. During my medical training at Wash U, I was constantly exposed to basic research through journal clubs, Thursday meetings, and the monthly Meet a Professor series. Now that I am in  the research phase of my training, research is more exciting than ever. I now have enough basic medical knowledge to understand the clinical relevance of so many more research questions. I also have many opportunities to continue interacting with patients and clinical medicine by attending grand rounds or volunteering at the Saturday neighborhood clinic. The ability to think beyond the bench, about the patients I met and the suffering that could someday be alleviated,  reaffirms and strengthens my commitment to becoming a physician-scientist.
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