Nicole Kretzer’s perspective

As a busy student, you want to spend your time focusing on education and research, and not have to worry about paperwork and general bureaucratic issues.  When it comes to dealing with administrative and operational overhead, the MSTP staff has you covered. But they really do so much more than filling out paperwork and making sure you are on track to graduate.  The MSTP Staff also provides insights into program requirements and thesis lab choices, helping you answer those crucial decisions that are going to craft your future career.  They play a pivotal role in organizing the events that make our MSTP program so vibrant. For example, they coordinate lunch talks that introduce you to different research areas or new professors on campus as well as organizing and funding our journal clubs and retreats. Outside of curriculum or campus questions, the staff is also available to answer those tricky questions: good places to live or best ways to get involved in the community.  Overall, the MSTP staff provides guidance on all aspects of education, research, career, and lifestyle.
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