Student Perspectives

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The mission of Washington University’s MSTP is to prepare women and men for careers as physician-scientists, engaged in biomedical research which creates new knowledge for the betterment of society. Drawing on the combined resources of Washington University, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital, the MSTP is a well-integrated program that combines outstanding medical training with rigorous PhD studies in biomedical research. Graduates of the program are not physicians and scientists, but physician-scientists who think about clinical and research problems in unique and innovative ways.

Though we have the largest MD-PhD program in the nation, we take an individualized approach to training. Our students are highly-motivated, adult learners who fashion their training according to individual goals.  The MSTP provides guidance, oversight and support, but expects students to take responsibility for their training. Freed from the constraints of excessive course and program requirements, MSTP students are able to dream large and explore the frontiers of knowledge.

Because the complex nature of modern science and medicine requires team-based approaches to solving problems, the MSTP emphasizes collaboration and community.  Weekly MSTP events allow students to learn from each other and to build personal and professional relationships that will endure for a lifetime.