Christopher Chermside-Scabbo

Program: Computational and Systems Biology

Current advisor: Matthew J. Silva, PhD

Undergraduate university: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Research summary
Reduced mechanoresponsiveness is a central feature of skeletal aging. My current research is focused on restoring this mechanoresponsiveness in aged bone. Aim 1 tests rescue interventions to restore the loading-induced bone formation response in aged mice. Aim 2 uses bulk RNA-seq and proteomics to determine differences between the young and aged loading responses, with the ultimate goal of identifying additional rescue targets.

Graduate publications
Lawson LY, Brodt MD, Migotsky N, Chermside-Scabbo CJ, Palaniappan R, Silva MJ. 2022 Osteoblast-Specific Wnt Secretion Is Required for Skeletal Homeostasis and Loading-Induced Bone Formation in Adult Mice. J Bone Miner Res, 37(1):108-120.

Lawson LY, Migotsky N, Chermside-Scabbo CJ, Shuster JT, Joeng KS, Civitelli R, Lee B, Silva MJ. 2022 Loading-induced bone formation is mediated by Wnt1 induction in osteoblast-lineage cells. FASEB J, 36(9):e22502.

Chermside-Scabbo CJ, Douglas K, Ghaznavi C, Pollard B, Abada S, Goodman JV, Migotsky N, Park K, Sherburne H, Coolman A, Aagaard EM, Lawrence SJ. 2021 Student Response Initiatives: A Case Study of COVID-19 at Washington University. Med Sci Educ, 31(2):365-369.

Chermside-Scabbo CJ, Harris TL, Brodt MD, Braenne I, Zhang B, Farber CR, Silva MJ. 2020 Old Mice Have Less Transcriptional Activation But Similar Periosteal Cell Proliferation Compared to Young-Adult Mice in Response to in vivo Mechanical Loading. J Bone Miner Res, 35(9):1751-1764.

Yahanda AT, Marino NE, Barron J, Concepcion A, St John T, Lu K, Chermside-Scabbo C, Aladegbami B, Ross W, Clohisy J, Kirby JP. 2019 Patient Engagement and Cost Savings Achieved by Automated Telemonitoring Systems Designed to Prevent and Identify Surgical Site Infections After Joint Replacement. Telemed J E Health, 25(2):143-151.

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