Russell Moore

Program: Neurosciences

Current advisor: Harrison W. Gabel, PhD

Undergraduate university: University of Florida

Research summary
This past summer I worked in the lab of Harrison Gabel studying molecular mechanisms of gene regulation in the central nervous system. I use an affinity purification technique to isolate nuclei from genetically tagged cell types in the cerebral cortex of mice. We then perform transcriptomic and epigenetic sequencing to better understand the developmental history and function of these cells. We use this approach in a mouse model relevant to neurodevelopmental disease with the hope that we can uncover how transcriptional dysregulation contributes to pathology.

Graduate publications
Kim SH, An K, Namkung H, Saito A, Rannals MD, Moore JR, Mihaljevic M, Saha S, Oh S, Kondo MA, Ishizuka K, Yang K, Maher BJ, Niwa M, Sawa A. 2022 Anterior Insula-Associated Social Novelty Recognition: Pivotal Roles of a Local Retinoic Acid Cascade and Oxytocin Signaling. Am J Psychiatry, (epub ahead of print):.

Clemens AW, Wu DY, Moore JR, Christian DL, Zhao G, Gabel HW. 2020 MeCP2 Represses Enhancers through Chromosome Topology-Associated DNA Methylation. Mol Cell, 77(2):279-293.e8.

Christian DL, Wu DY, Martin JR, Moore JR, Liu YR, Clemens AW, Nettles SA, Kirkland NM, Papouin T, Hill CA, Wozniak DF, Dougherty JD, Gabel HW. 2020 DNMT3A Haploinsufficiency Results in Behavioral Deficits and Global Epigenomic Dysregulation Shared across Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Cell Rep, 33(8):108416.