Meet the Assistant Professors​​​​

Monthly lunchtime research seminars designed to familiarize first and second-year students with the research programs of junior faculty members
MAP Speakers 2019
​​ ​January 28
Dr. Silvia Jansen
Department of Cell Biology & Physiology
"Role of Coro7 in Golgi formation and Golgi-to-
plasma membrane transport"
​Dr. Andrew Kau
Department of Internal Medicine
"Immune - microbiota interactions in the
pathogenesis of allergic disease"
February 18​​ ​
Dr. Gretchen Meyer
Department of Physical Therapy
"The interplay of mechanics and biology in
fatty muscle pathology"
Dr. David Rosen
Department of Pediatrics​
"The Dream of Defeating Nightmare Bacteria"
March 18​​ ​
Dr. Carl DeSelm
​Department of Radiation Oncology

April 15​ ​
​Dr. Keith Hengen
Department of Biology

Dr. Jonathan Miner
Department of Internal Medicine​
"Mouse models of monogenic vasculopathies"
May 6​ ​
​Dr. Wayland Cheng
Department of Anesthesiology
"Lipid Binding Sites and Modulation of Ligand-
Gated Ion Channels"
Dr. Jaebok Choi
Department of Internal Medicine​
"Modulation of GvHD and GyL"
June 17​ ​
Dr. Angela Hirbe
Department of Internal Medicine
“Clinical Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of NF1-MPNSTs”
Dr. Matt Wood
Department of Surgery​
“Engineering Therapies for Nerve Surgeons”​
July 15​ ​
​Dr. Jonathan Cooper
Department of Pediatrics
“Trouble in Store?  Finding therapies for childhood neurodegeneration”
​Dr. Lavinia Sheets
Department of Otolaryngology
“Zebrafish as a model for human hearing and deafness”
August 26​ ​
Dr. Ali Ellebedy
Department of Pathology & Immunology​
“B cell immunity to influenza viruses”
Dr. Misty Good
Department of Pediatrics​
“The Good Lab: Saving the babies from necrotizing enterocolitis”
September 16​​ ​
​Dr. Stephanie Fritz
Department of Pediatrics
“The Journey to Becoming a Staph-buster”
Dr. Malachi Griffith
Department of Internal Medicine​
“Introduction to the Griffith lab and the bioinformatics of immunogenomics”

October 21​ ​
​Dr. Sid Puram
Department of Otolaryngology​
"Defining intra-tumoral hereogeneity in head and neck cancer"
​Dr. Aadel Chaudhuri
Department of Radiation Oncology
“Cellular & Cell-Free Response Biomarkers in Cancer”
November 18​ ​
​Dr. Mayssa Mokalled
Department of Developmental Biology
“Zebrafish – inspired strategies for spinal cord repair”

​Dr. Ben Major
Department of Cell Biology & Physiology
“Multi-OMIC Interrogation of Signal Transduction in Cancer”