MSTP Weekly Meeting

The MSTP Weekly Meeting takes place every Thursday from 5:00 to 6:00. This event is designed to bring together the MSTP community for discussion of issues that are of particular interest to physician-scientists. MSTP students plan the Weekly Meeting, with guidance from the MSTP staff. The schedule is a follows:

1st Thursday Future of Medicine

Guest speakers lead an open discussion around a particular clinical problem. The speaker describes the problem, the current state of research and offers insight on how the problem might be solve

2nd Thursday Work-in-Progress

Senior MSTP students present their research in a wide-open format.

3rd Thursday Discussions on Medical Research

Established nearly 40 years ago, the Discussions on Medical Research features a practicing physician-scientist musing about medicine, research, career and life. Speakers offer advice on career planning, balancing work and home life, running a lab, etc

4th Thursday Wild Card

Something different each month. Typical activities include: seminars by physician-scientists from other institutions; panel discussions on selecting a thesis lab or PSTP residency programs; students reporting on medical mission trips or the American Physician-Scientists Association; MSTP Town Hall meetings; receptions honoring graduating seniors or retiring MSTP committee members; and Thank-Goodness-It's-Almost-Friday's.

The MSTP Weekly Meeting is open to clinical faculty and physician-scientists-in-training. A light dinner or appetizers are served, and informal interactions and networking are encouraged.