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Student Perspectives

My MD counterparts have been an integral piece of my experience in the MSTP...more>

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 Structure of the Medical Scientist Training Program

  • MD Phase I, 16 Months
  • MD Phase II, Part 1, 4 Months
  • Thesis Phase, 36+ Months
  • MD Phase II, Part 2, 8 Months
  • MD Phase III, 10 Months
  • Average time to completion 7 or 8 years

Year 1 Curriculum

Summer Research Rotation (Optional)

Fall Medical School Classes:
• Human Anatomy
• Cell and Organ Systems Biology
• Molecular Foundations of Medicine or Biochemistry/Molecular  Biology Module
• Practice of Medicine I
• Clinical and Basic Science Selectives 

Spring Medical School Classes:

• Cell and Organ Systems Biology
• Genetics, Immunology, Microbes and Pathogenesis, Neural Sciences 
• Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
• Humanities
• Clinical Medicine I
• Medicine and Human Values I
• Clinical and Basic Science Selectives
Many Medical School courses have either corollary Grad School courses or satisfy Grad School program requirements in a number of PhD programs.

Year 2 Curriculum

Summer Research Rotation

Fall/Spring Medical School Courses:
• Pathology
• Pharmacology
• Pathophysiology of Organ Systems Sequence
• Practice of Medicine II
USMLE Step I Exam

Year 3 Curriculum

Summer Research Rotation (If Needed)

Fall/Spring Graduate School:
• Core Graduate Curriculum and Electives (individualized according to background, PhD program and research interests of student)
• Thesis Research
• Graduate Course Electives
• Mentored Teaching Experience
• Qualifying Examination

Years 4/5/6

Graduate School:
• Thesis proposal by Dec. 31 of Year 4
• Thesis Research
• Graduate Course Electives, including Research Ethics
• Clinical Mentorships (Optional)
• Travel to Scientific Meetings
• Thesis Defense
• Clinical Warm-up

MSTP Ungraduation Party (End of fourth year)
Participate in APSA/ASCI/AAP Meeting

Years 6/7

3rd Year Clinical Clerkships:
• Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties 3 months
• Medicine 3 months
• Maternal and Newborn Health 3 months
• Neurology 1 month
• Psychiatry 1 month
• Ambulatory Medicine 1 month

4th Year Electives:
• A minimum of 3 months of electives must be completed
​Clinical Capstone Course

Clinical Competency Exam
USMLE Step II Exams

All Years

All Years:
MSTP Retreat (Spring)
• Journal Clubs according to student interest
DBBS Seminars
MSTP Weekly Meeting
MSTP Meet the Assistant Professors Seminar (Monthly for 1st & 2nd years)
MSTP Winter Dinner
• MSTP Summer Social
Yearly Class Function

Research Rotations

• Summer before year one of Med School (Optional)
• Spring semester of 1st year (Optional)
• Summer between 1st & 2nd year
• Summer between 2nd & 3rd year


MSTP students must complete two research rotations. However, some students will do three or, in a few instances, may petition to do four rotations.