The MSTP will offer 11 interview sessions between October and January. Typically, nine applicants are invited for each interview session, which consists of an orientation on Thursday and full day of interviews on Friday. The types of interviews are as follows:

MSTP Committee interview

This 20-minute panel interview will focus on your research. Since the Committee will direct the discussion, you should not prepare a talk or a presentation. No slides, handouts or use of the whiteboard is permitted. A list of the current Committee can be found here.

Individual faculty interview

A series of 30- to 45-minute interviews with faculty members you have selected. The format of these interviews will be a discussion of your research and the research being carried out by your interviewer. The interviewer will provide the MSTP Committee with feedback.

Medical School interview

A 45-minute interview with a member of the Medical School Admission Committee. The interviewer will provide an evaluation to the Medical School Admissions Committee. If a candidate has previously interviewed for an MD-only position at Washington University, they will not have a second medical school interview.

MSTP wrap-up interview

A 30-minute follow-up interview at the end of the day with a member of the MSTP Committee.

Student interactions

MSTP students host informational panels, tours and an Uber Eats dinner during the interview visit. These interactions allow applicants to discuss the program informally with current students and a chance to learn more about St. Louis and the quality of life enjoyed by students. In addition, each applicant will be matched with an “MSTP Buddy” who can help answer specific questions. Your interactions with students are not part of the MSTP evaluation process.

MSTP interview dates

The MSTP will interview candidates for the entering Class of 2023 on the following dates:

  • October 7, 21
  • November 4, 11, 18
  • December 2, 9, 16
  • January 6, 13, 20

On the Thursday prior to interviews, candidates will participate in an orientation session with the MSTP leadership and a student panel from 3:00 to 5:00. Candidates are invited to attend the MSTP Weekly Seminar at 5:00. Interviews will take place from 9:00 to 4:00 on Friday. Because all candidates must be interviewed by the MSTP Committee, we can only offer interviews on the above dates. Interviews are offered on a rolling basis, and we cannot guarantee that interview spots will be available on a given date. Therefore, early application is encouraged to ensure the choice of interview dates.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all 2022 cycle interviews will be virtual.