Derek Barisas’s perspective

I am really thankful for the MSTP office because they look out for us so we can focus on patients, experiments, tests, or whatever demands our attention and still have opportunities to build relationships with the wonderful array of people that make up the MSTP program.

Jeffrey Hansen’s perspective

The transition from college to the WashU MSTP meant eight more years of learning cool facts with like-minded people, albeit the facts were cooler and the people were even more like-minded.

Kevin Tamadonfar’s perspective

What is unique about an MSTP is the collection of trainees in a wide range of areas, and having a large MSTP community, like WashU, brings that range into focus.

Emma Winkler’s perspective

As a physician-scientist, I want to harness the power of these technological and scientific advances to better understand human health and disease with the ultimate hope of improving the lives of my patients in enduring ways.