Student Perspectives – Graduated

Chinwendu Amazu’s perspective

I have spent my life in three major places: Nigeria, Maryland and Missouri. Each location provided me a different environment to grow, learn and mature. But I would have to say living in St. Louis has been a major place of growth because of the MSTP training I am pursuing currently. St. Louis has provided me a lot of amazing experiences thus far. St. Louis is an inexpensive city, with major city attractions. Working and living close to Forest Park has provided me an outdoor adventure in my backyard. I love live music and St. Louis is known for their amazing taste of music, music legends and concerts throughout the year. The Lou provides a place to connect with trainees across all professions over happy hours, amazing restaurants and nice night life. The seasonal variations provide the opportunity to experience a beautiful fall and spring with a long summer to do awesome outdoor activities. The accessibility to other major cities at a cheaper price provides a get-a-way anytime I want to leave St. Louis. St. Louis is quiet enough that I can focus in on my studies and lab work but busy enough that if I want to explore, there is something out there for me. St. Louis is always building new chains, adding new buildings and expanding their entertainment and social life. I am thankful that I get to live in a city similar to the Chicagos and the LAs but save money to invest in other ventures I am interested in.