Alexander Liu

Program: Immunology

Current advisor: Rotating in the lab of Rajendra S. Apte, MD, PhD

Undergraduate university: Case Western Reserve University

Research summary
This summer, I rotated in Dr. Rajendra Apte’s lab to investigate mechanisms of inflammation and retinal degeneration. My rotation research focuses in two major areas:

1) Microglial change in the setting of diabetic retinal degeneration

I performed in-vitro phagocytic assay to show that high glucose treated microglia demonstrated higher level of phagocytic function as well as inflammation. In addition, CD200 treatment attenuates this high-glucose driven microglia inflammation, which suggests a CD200 mediated microglia-amacrine interaction in diabetic retinopathy.

2) NAD metabolism induced cell state change

I cultured bone marrow derived macrophage from mice model previously generated in lab for ATAC and RNA sequencing. I also used the same cell line for in-vitro assay to show that metabolic alteration of NAD level can induce cholesterol-mediated macrophage senescence and inflammation, which confirms findings by previous lab members.

Graduate publications


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