Jared Elenbaas

Program: Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Current advisor: Nathan Stitziel, MD, PhD

Undergraduate university: Michigan State University

Research summary
Jared uses translational approaches to understand how genetic variation in humans impacts common cardiometabolic disease. He is currently focusing on questions related to how the extracellular matrix protein, SVEP1, influences vascular diseases using cell and animal models, as well as population-level data. Coding variation in SVEP1, as well as plasma protein concentrations its protein product, are associated with numerous human diseases, such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, dementia, and glaucoma, however we do not understand the mechanistic basis of this association. Jared is testing hypotheses regarding molecular and cellular interactions with SVEP1 that may be relevant to disease and therapeutically tractable.

Graduate publications
Elenbaas JS, Pudupakkam U, Ashworth KJ, Kang CJ, Patel V, Santana K, Jung IH, Lee PC, Burks KH, Amrute JM, Mecham RP, Halabi CM, Alisio A, Di Paola J, Stitziel NO. 2023 SVEP1 is an endogenous ligand for the orphan receptor PEAR1. Nat Commun, 14(1):850.

Jung IH, Elenbaas JS, Alisio A, Santana K, Young EP, Kang CJ, Kachroo P, Lavine KJ, Razani B, Mecham RP, Stitziel NO. 2021 SVEP1 is a human coronary artery disease locus that promotes atherosclerosis. Sci Transl Med, 13(586):eabe0357.


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