Jordan Shaw

Program: Philosophy Neuroscience and Psychology

Current advisor:

Undergraduate university: Brown University

Research summary
As a student in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, I work on debates within social, political, and feminist philosophy, as well as the philosophy of art. My dissertation focuses on the social ontology or metaphysics of human sex categories and their use in clinical contexts. I advance recent constructionist arguments against binary sex essentialism and, using their implications, develop systematic clinical guidelines hoping to improve current standards of care.

Graduate publications
Shaw J. (2021). Aesthetic Value Emerges from ‘Plain Vanilla Normativity’ and Perceived Social Value. ., Abstract.

Shaw JA. (2019) Dehumanization, Misogyny, and Social Hierarchy. Meeting of the International Social Ontology Society, Tampere, Finland, Abstract.

Shaw JA. (2019) Moral Interpretation in Aesthetic Judgment. Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Division of the American Society for Aesthetics, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Abstract.

Shaw J. (2018) Contra ‘Wrongful Procreation’ in Dark Ghettos. The Society for Analytical Feminism Eastern Division APA Meeting, Savannah, GA, Abstract.

Shaw JA, Bryant LK, Malle BF, Povinelli DJ, Pruett JR Jr. 2017 The relationship between joint attention and theory of mind in neurotypical adults. Conscious Cogn, 51():268-278.


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