Megan Holt

Program: Unspecified

Current advisor:

Undergraduate university: St. Mary’s College – California

Research summary
During my rotation in Dr. Lavine’s lab, I worked to determine the phenotype of a IL6 Receptor knockout mouse line under hypertensive stress and to determine the physiologic compartment in which transcription factor STAT3 becomes activated due to IL6 signaling. For the first aim, I implanted Angiotensin II/Phenylephrine minipumps into wild type and IL6-R KO mice, which causes hypertensive stress in the mice. After 7 days of continual knockout, I harvested the mice and checked the mRNA expression of different inflammatory and fibrotic markers using qPCR and performed IHC staining to identify changes in monocyte presence/recruitment under the experimental condition. For the second aim, I again implanted AngII/PE minipumps in WT and KO mice. After 3 days, I harvested the heart, spleen, and blood from the mice and performed flow cytometry to check for which types of immune cells were present in each sample, as well as to identify which immune cells were taking advantage of IL6/JAK/STAT3 signaling and in which physiological compartment STAT3 was being activated. I was also able to observe scRNA sequencing protocol using explanted human heart tissue that was retrieved during the rotation.

Graduate publications