Mitchell Grinwald

Program: Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Current advisor: Rotating in the lab of Ting Wang, PhD

Undergraduate university: Washington University

Research summary
This past summer I conducted research during a rotation with Ting Wang’s lab. Emerging evidence suggests that epigenetic dysregulation of transposable elements in cancer allows for them to serve as non-canonical promoters which can drive oncogene expression. These TE-oncogene chimeras may contribute to tumorigenesis and tumor progression across a wide range of cancer types. I assisted in research building on initial findings from the Wang lab which aimed to experimentally validate the role of computationally predicted TE-oncogene chimeras in tumor progression. By targeting these chimeras with splice switching ASOs or gapmers, the work I contributed to will clarify their oncogenic roles and potentially therapuetic avenues for exploiting this novel phenomenon.

Graduate publications