Nayid Jana

Program: Unspecified

Current advisor:

Undergraduate university: University of Puerto Rico – Cayey

Research summary
This past summer I rotated in the lab of Dr. Jin-Moo Lee. The affiliated research project focused on neuroplasticity and brain repair after stroke. This brain repair is associated with a rewiring of the brain’s circuits and can occur spontaneously but is often incomplete. Therefore, brain recovery in the lab is modeled in a mouse, allowing us to map function in the brain using imaging techniques. These investigations will allow us to understand how we can enhance recovery while making the brain more receptive to rewiring.

I mostly focused on behavior analysis of Catwalk experiments with mice, working under Dr. Eric Landsness. I was tasked to identify which variables of the Catwalk data leads to asymmetry, to see if we find left forepaw preference, which is indicative of stroke recovery. Using statistical analysis, I was able to find significant variables that could lead to left forepaw preference after further studies. By establishing an automated behavioral metric of stroke and recovery, we could apply this to treatment trials (enhancing plasticity and sleep).

Graduate publications