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Megan A. Cooper, MD, PhD

Associate Director, Associate Professor

Departments of Pediatrics and Pathology & Immunology
Immunology and Human & Statistical Genetics Programs

Research interest: The biology of natural killer (NK) cells and immune defects in patients with autoimmunity

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Jorge Di Paola, MD

Professor/Division Chief, Associate Director

Department of Pediatrics
Molecular Cell Biology Program

Research interest: The genetics of bleeding and thrombotic disorders and mechanisms of platelet activation

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Nathan O. Stitziel, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Associate Director

Departments of Internal Medicine and Genetics
Human & Statistical Genetics, Molecular Genetics & Genomics, and Computational & Systems Biology Programs

Research interest: We try to understand the inherited basis underlying cardiovascular disease and leverage insights from our work to improve patient care

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Wayne M. Yokoyama, MD

Professor, Director

Departments of Internal Medicine and Pathology & Immunology
Immunology Program

Research interest: Host innate immune responses to pathogens and tumors