Xuan Qu

Program: Computational and Systems Biology

Current advisor: Ting Wang, PhD

Undergraduate university: Bowdoin College

Research summary
Comprehensive profiling of the dynamics of TEs and TE-derived transcripts under the regulation of various p53 mutation status and activation status will provide valuable resources for more complete knowledge in p53’s roles in cancer and for potential novel cancer therapy targets and regimen. This project creates various cancer cell lines with p53 mutation status as the only variable to profile TE and TE-derived chimeric transcripts’ regulation dynamics under different environmental conditions and epigenetic therapies. By using short-read RNA-seq and long-read RNA-seq, novel TE-derived transcripts as a function of p53 status can be accurately profiled for the first time. By gathering epigenomic information via WGBS, ATAC-seq and CUT&RUN, direct and indirect regulatory pathways of p53 in a cancer background can be deciphered and direct binding events can be categorized for each condition. This project will deliver a rigorous and comprehensive atlas of p53’s regulatory network on TEs.

Graduate publications


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