Student Perspectives – Graduated

Roger Klein’s perspective

Like many MSTP trainees, I was motivated to become a physician-scientist to test scientific hypotheses with direct implications on the improvement of patient care. As I near the completion of graduate training, I am confident that the opportunity to pursue critical clinical questions as part of an interdisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians at Wash U has given me the skills to conduct meaningful and translatable scientific research. These experiences have given me a greater appreciation for the value of a collaboration on both an individual and institutional level.

As I progress through my clinical clerkships and residency, I am excited to work with clinical teams composed of professionals from a variety of disciplines and academic backgrounds. I look forward to continue learning from both colleagues and patients so I can better deliver quality, compassionate care and serve as a more effective mentor for future trainees. By instilling a commitment to effective communication and lifelong learning, Wash U makes keeping abreast of the constantly-evolving field of biomedical science an exciting prospect.

As I move beyond my formal training and begin to build a clinical practice and research program of my own, I look forward to seeking out and developing a network of collaborators that can tackle important questions as efficiently as possible. Both clinical and scientific hypotheses are best approached in an analytical, hypothesis-driven manner, and I hope to continue broadening my perspectives and acquiring new skills as my career develops.